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Since 2008

The business activity of Hana Group: Productions of Food & Beverage, Cow Milk, Agricultural organic fertilizers & Plant growth enhancers, Livestock feed additives(Natural anti-biotics & grower). At the beginning of the nCovid-19 pandemic, especially we

are supplying ANTI-VIRAL DEVICE(humidifiers) with antivirus agent to protect from the infections of nCovid-19 and inactivation. Whilst Hana Group began to implement the energy project for import, storing & processing of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (=LPG) in Sitakunda district under the project permission of BIDA, Bangladesh Investment Development Authority, under 100% Foreign

Direct Investment(FDI) from Japanese private funding and public investments by JICA-ODA, this project may complete in 2023. 

Business field & performance since 2008 
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